careless camoufleurs

lake at night


Beatrix forms an enormous multinational corporation. Her corporation becomes so big, rich and faceless that, like a heavy star bending space-time, the mass of her wealth bends ethics and truth.


Sensing the money to be made in intellectual property, the Beatrix Corporation patents adjectives and adverbs. As in, both classes of words. Before anyone can use these words in speech or print, they'll now need to get clearance. You'll need good lawyers, kid. And a plentiful budget for licensing fees.


Go ahead. Fight back. File a lawsuit. Tell her she can't do that. Go ahead. She dares you.


How depressing.


Anyway, we've still got nouns and verbs. In a pinch, we can still get our basic message across, as we always have.


When you were young, before all this started, adjectives and adverbs were free to use. Take an adjective like "deep". The night could be deep. Take "mysterious" or "aching". The wind could be mysterious, the dawn aching. This was very, very long ago.


When you were young, the night was deep. The wind was mysterious, the dawn aching.


But now, things have changed. There are no adjectives available to you now. Now, night is just night.


Wind is wind, dawn is dawn.


There's only night, wind and dawn. That's all.