life with good demons

the ceiling


They say that the way certain fruit trees have evolved to reproduce is that they envelope their seed inside a tasty fruit. An animal comes along, eats the fruit, goes up the road, poops it out, and the seed finds itself in a pile of manure—ideal conditions to grow a new tree.


What if human reproduction worked in the same way? What if, in order to reproduce, a person had to be eaten by a tiger and then pooped out again? If only by doing this could new babies be born?


What sort of humans would evolve as a result of this?


Answer: slow-moving humans who taste good to tigers.


You might think, "Wait a minute, being a slow-moving human who tastes good to tigers sounds like a terrible state of affairs. Why would evolution deal me such a losing hand?"


But it pays to remember this: nature is under no obligation to be convenient to you.