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What is this character called Beatrix Kondo? Are we to view her as an actual person? In fact, a more correct view of her is that she is a simulation. A simulation of what? Of Beatrix Kondo.


There were two researchers. (The one with naming rights was called Kondo.) They wanted a way of simulating Beatrix as accurately as possible.


Rather than a software-based virtual model, they decided on a wetware model. Fabrication of such a Beatrix simulator required no special facilities.


Nine months after conception, and following a procedure physically arduous to one researcher (the one lacking naming rights—this researcher's name has thus been lost to the records), the simulation was set into motion.


The one drawback to such simulations is the time they take to run—a simulated lifetime ends up needing a runtime equivalent to one lifetime.


Nevertheless, the team is now watching her closely, eager to see the Beatrixic behavior she will predict.


I feel an odd affinity for the Beatrix simulator. I myself, after all, am a Dale Stromberg simulator, running on a planet Earth simulator which simulates spinning round a Sun simulator.


I think the team is eager to see how we all turn out. That is, eager to see what sort of behavior we'll predict.