osez le nihilisme


I've made an album called (n+1)bansenji. I finished it this morning and put it on Soundcloud, so listen if you like, or download it for free.


Even after I stopped being active in music, I still had a few songs in Japanese left over, written for bands or solo work. By 'left over', I mean performed here and there but never recorded. On my way out of Japan, I decided to go ahead and record them, just to leave something behind. I'm not leaving them "for" anybody; it's just, since they're in Japanese, I suppose if anyone will ever listen to them, it'll be someone Japanese.


Emigrating kept me busy and I couldn't seem to find time to get into the studio; when I finally did, it was on my last day in Japan. I ran in, hurriedly recorded material, and then it was off to Malaysia. Time slipped by (as it does), but finally, almost half a year after coming here, I've edited and mixed the material I recorded, so today I've "released" it. Even so, it's not something to sell, so as I wrote above, you can listen to it on Soundcloud or download it for free as your whims and conscience dictate.

t e n o r
e m o t e
n o m a d
o t a k u
r e d u x