each of us a deuteragonist

マレーシアに来て、日本を出る直前に録音した素材を整理して少しづつ曲を出してつつある。大概10曲になるかと思うのだけれど、その曲集名は (n+1)番煎じ とする予定。

Since coming to Malaysia, I've been working bit by bit on some songs, the material for which I recorded just before leaving Japan. I'm going to name this collection of songs (n+1)bansenji.


I do not intend to sell this collection as a physical album, but traditions are traditions, so I've made an album cover for it. The design and photos I've used are ripped off, though.


I suppose you could translate "(n+1)bansenji" as "repetition". Unwound put out a masterwork of an album by that name, with a cover like this.

Unwound – Repetition album cover


So, in the spirit of repeating somebody else's repetition, I tried a few repetitions of this design idea.

(n+1)番煎じ first attempt at album cover
(n+1)番煎じ second attempt at album cover
(n+1)番煎じ third attempt at album cover
(n+1)番煎じ fourth attempt at album art


I haven't entirely decided which to go with, but tonight, at least, I'm leaning toward the last.


Which would you choose?

d o y e n
o m e g a
y e a r s
e g r e t
n a s t y