cien años de quietud

東京で何度か同じステージを共有することができた友達Violette Mothさんは、Joseph K.さんとのコラボレーションアルバムをリリースした。

Violette Moth, an artist I’m happy to have shared a stage with a few times in Tokyo, has released a new album with Joseph K.


Recorded collaboratively in London, the album is a mix of electronic and acoustic sounds that works best when the acoustic is allowed to breathe and is spiced and colored by the electronic and the noise.

以前のViolette Mothのライブや録音のサウンドに見られたグランジな迫力は今回はあまり見られない。昔の熱烈なボーカルは、今回は疲弊と悲しみと諦めを漂わす歌い方に代わっている。

Most of the grungy aggression that characterized the earlier Violette Moth sound is gone; the fiery tendencies of the vocals on earlier recordings have given way to a weary, sad resignation.


Both vocals and backing music exhibit a kind of light European melancholy with experimental touches. Favorite track of the moment: Nuvellevague.


Check the album out if the mood strikes. I got my copy on Amazon.