The fifth song on the new Bluehour album 'The Winter' is called 'Slowdown'. This song marks the entry of Jun Minowa's guitar.


The first round of recording produced five songs; the focus was on Kazuya's collaboration with violinist Hitomi Iriyama.


After Jun agreed to put out the songs on his label, we got to talking about adding five more songs. In place of violin, Jun agreed to contribute guitar to three tracks.


One of those, 'Turn Like the Windmills of Amsterdam', didn't make it onto the album. I'm bummed about that, because the song is good and Jun's guitar really soared.


For all three songs, Jun came into the studio with a clear idea of what he was going to add. He's a very careful artist and only wanted to play what would be best for the songs.


When you record artists who themselves have experience recording, and who have such clear ideas of what they're going to do, all you really need to do is hit the button and wait.


I seem to recall that Kazuya wasn't always with us. He'd come in to the studio and say, "What have you got?" and we'd play him a song.


I think Jun's guitar blends seamlessly into the songs. For it to have worked out so well, with a minimum of input from Kazuya or me, shows what an intuitive artist Jun is.


  1. 24
  2. ブロークン
  3. アイ・アム・ゼロ
  4. 惚れ薬

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