i am zero

ブルーアワーの新譜の三曲目「アイ アム ゼロ」のアレンジの元々の構想はとても簡単なものだった。それは、静かに始まって、クライマックスまで盛り上げて、もう一度静めるというプランだった。

The idea for the arrangement of "I am zero", the third song on the new Bluehour album "The Winter", was very simple. Start quiet – build to a climax – go quiet again.


When Kazuya and I were actually discussing how to go about doing this, it turned out that we had differing ideas about where exactly to go quiet again at the end.


There's a section, after the song climbs to intense heights, where he sings, "In the middle of the night, looking up at nameless stars, what is this rising up in my breast?" (in rough translation).


I think our conversation about this section went something like this.


Kazuya: "So we build to the loud part, then when we come to this part, we go dramatically quiet, and it's just voice and guitar."


Dale: "No, no, no. When we go from the loud part to this part, we make it even louder."


Kazuya: "Er... really?"


For some reason, we ended up doing it in the way I'd suggested. I hope this was the right decision.


But if it wasn't the right decision, then the best thing for it would be for some other musicians out there to cover the song, and create a version that goes quiet in that section instead.


I think Bluehour songs are eminently cover-able. Structurally, they've got just what a song needs, with no unnecessary baggage. They're the sort of songs you could creatively arrange in several different ways, because they're solid underneath.

Have a listen and see if you agree. The label has put a promotional video for this song on YouTube.


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