lukewarm hamartiology




Last week I played in a Bluehour show. Much thanks to all who came to listen.


Thanks also to Kazuya for asking me to play with him. It was a delight to become a member of Bluehour at least once before the end of my time in Japan.


Singer-songwriter Kazuya played guitar and sang as usual; I added bass and a bit of backup singing; and we were joined by guitarist Jun Minowa (Gargle, Yawning). This was to be our only show as a trio, but it was good to do.


  1. 24
  2. スローダウン
  3. ロスト
  4. 惚れ薬
  5. ザ ウィンター
  6. ブルー

Our set list:

  1. 24:00
  2. Slowdown
  3. Lost
  4. horegusuri
  5. The Winter
  6. Blue


I won't be playing any more shows in Japan, but I'll still be here for a while. Maybe you and I will run into each other somewhere.