rapture of the heights


Last Monday, January 12, I participated in a memorial show for Elliott Smith. The venue was U-ha in Koenji.

わざわざ足を運んでくれた方々に多謝。客席に何人かのミュージシャンの方も見かけた。ブルーアワーの河井さん(彼のアルバムの録音に僕は手伝っていたが、つい最近録音・ミックス作業を終えたから、そろそろ世に出ると思う)とThe Dorian SeaのキャメロンとViolette Mothのなつきさんも見かけたよ。

Much thanks to everybody who came out to see the show. In the audience I caught sight of a few musicians. Kazuya from Bluehour was there (I helped him with the recording of his album, which wrapped up recently and should be out soon), as were Cameron from The Dorian Sea and Natsuki from Violette Moth.


The memorial show was organized by Makoto Takikawa of U-ha. I'm glad I got to join in.


Artists called Ryusuke Tanaki and Yusan also played, mixing Elliott Smith cover songs with originals of their own.


And of course old friends Iori Shiranui (of dodo, etc.) and Natsumi Hirasawa (of Nikakusui) also played. I got to do some songs with Iori, some the three of us together—it was nice.


Natsumi held the show together. She sang a bit, and then sort of emcee'd the event, talking a lot about Elliott Smith, his life and songs, drawing everything together.


  • Happiness (なつみさんと不知火くんと一緒に)
  • Twilight (なつみさんと不知火くんと一緒に)
  • Miss Misery (なつみさんと不知火くんと一緒に)
  • St. Ides Heaven (不知火くんと一緒に)
  • Ballad of Big Nothing
  • Pitseleh
  • I Better Be Quiet Now
  • Half Right (不知火くんと一緒に)


  • Pretty Tired
  • Blindness


I don't rightly remember the song order, but the songs we did were probably:

  • Happiness (with Natsumi & Iori)
  • Twilight (with Natsumi & Iori)
  • Miss Misery (with Natsumi & Iori)
  • St. Ides Heaven (with Iori)
  • Ballad of Big Nothing
  • Pitseleh
  • I Better Be Quiet Now
  • Half Right (with Iori)

And I reluctantly also did two of my own:

  • Pretty Tired
  • Blindness

But I'm quite fed up with my own songs, so it wasn't that fun.


All in all, it was a good evening.

ところで、僕が参加する次のライブは1月31日のThe Dorian Seaのライブだ。詳しくはこちらへ

By the way, the next show I'm in will be the Dorian Sea show on January 31. Details here.