not that hunky, not that dory


I used to have this friend who, if we walked into a bar or someplace and it was mostly full of guys, would say, "Sausage party. Let's get out of here."


I always thought that was a great expression. "Sausage party."


Too many bands are total sausage parties. You look at band photos—the ones where they all line up against the wall and attempt to 'look like musicians'—and it's just dudes, dudes, dudes.


Almost as bad are the bands that are made up of all women, whose entire concept seems to be, "We're women! In a band!"

時々The Dorian Seaの三人のメンバーの中で、四人目を入れてもらおうかと話すことはあるけど、僕の唯一の希望は、女性のメンバーが見つかることだ。

Sometimes the three of us in The Dorian Sea talk about adding a fourth member. I mainly just hope we can find a female.


(If you know somebody, please drop us a line.)