my memoirs won’t mention you

My Sweet Rose
John William Waterhouse


Beatrix Kondo quite often feels a craving for her favorite food. Her problem is that her favorite food is a rather unconventional one. The food she loves most of all is the fruit of the Nilgiri holly.


What's wrong with that? First of all, the fruit of the Nilgiri holly is slightly toxic to humans. When ingested, it causes vomiting and diarrhea.


But no matter what she eats, Beatrix is never satisfied. No meat, fruit, vegetable, cheese, legume, bread, grain or drink hits the spot for her. All that can satisfy her is the fruit of the Nilgiri holly.


The craving began even before she can remember. It's almost as if she was born desiring this fruit above all others.


Of course, she's never once tasted it. The Nilgiri holly went extinct in 1859, many years before she was born.