what average opinion expects average opinion to be

Egon Schiele
Egon Schiele


In a dusty old cookbook, Beatrix Kondo found a recipe titled, 'The Perfect Omelet'. Intrigued, she copied it out and took it to work.


"Let's make this," she said to her kitchen staff.


The opening paragraph of the recipe read, "This omelet will not just be good. It will be infinitely good."


And it went on to say, "All that is required is the will to make the omelet. To stop at nothing."


"I believe," thought Beatrix. "I need to believe."


So she gave the kitchen staff an order. "Start breaking eggs."


"How many?" they asked her.


Beatrix checked the recipe. It didn't say how many eggs she'd need to break. "Just—keep breaking them. We'll know we've broken enough when the omelet is made."


After the staff had broken tens of thousands of eggs, but the omelet had nevertheless not yet been made, one turned to the other and muttered, "Seems an awful waste of eggs."


Beatrix overheard. Enraged, she had the woman fired. Fired and shot. And her family shot. And her house burnt and leveled. And her name stricken from all public records.


"You either believe or you don't," she warned the others.