sociolectical materialism


It appears that, with this website, if I set up something called Google Analytics, I can collect data about all of you. I can learn all sorts of things about who and what you are when you come here to read this. I keep getting email from the makers of this website extolling this feature.


I never have used Google Analytics or any other data-collection tool, and I don't imagine I ever shall. This is not because I want to protect your privacy. In fact, I have no interest at all in doing that. Your privacy is, as it were, none of my business.


To put it plainly, I'm just not interested. This blog could be read by a thousand people, or one person, or nobody; and they could be from any country on the globe; and they could belong to whatever race, religion, gender or economic class at all; and let their beards be of what color it please God; and I still wouldn't care. I hope this doesn't come off as callous. I just honestly don't give a damn about you.