hier ist kein warum


I think it's occasionally commented upon that, although the popular image of scientific advance centers on intellectual leaps by solo geniuses, what has really made so much progress possible is the entire system of science, in which the errors and biases of the individual are minimized and corrected by the processes of peer review, replicability, etc.


By understanding the fallibility of the person, and building a system that corrects for it, science has made leaps that would have been unimaginable to prior generations.


But a glance at the headlines, full of bloodshed and wars among all manner of creed, religion, nation and tribe shows that the process of consensus-seeking remains an underdeveloped art, not a science.


We can overcome our individual fallibility in the pursuit of knowledge and technical capability, but not in pursuit of harmony and understanding.


And it makes me wonder if perhaps what's lacking is a 'social method' analogous to the scientific method.


I don't mean 'making scientific' the pursuit of consensus. That's a stupid idea.


What I mean is, a way for the great majority to counterbalance the foolery of the individual in the social sphere, as is now attempted in the scientific.


Perhaps the next Einstein will think of something like that.