a subtle inventione


Some time ago I wrote on this blog about how convenient it would be if you could use an image as a Google search term in order to find out what something is called.


If you want to know what a homburg hat looks like, you can search for 'homburg hat' and images show up. But with the functionality that I have in mind, say you've got a homburg hat at hand and don't know what it's called; you snap a photo and upload it to Google, and Google tells you, "That's a homburg hat."


I mentioned this idea to my S.O. today and she told me they've already made that. And I thought, drat. They stole my idea before I even had it. Outfoxed by Google again.


So I tried it out and am glad to say that it doesn't work. I had a 'yunomi' cup in the house, so I snapped a photo and searched with it. Here's the photo:


And here was Google's closest match: