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You don't have to know anything at all about science to have an opinion on it.


So let me share an opinion of mine which has no basis.


I've heard that there are studies using fMRI which suggest that some unconscious part of the brain makes decisions before the conscious area of the brain is aware of the decision.


For example, a test subject is asked to make a decision like when to press a button. The area of the brain governing their button finger will be active a few seconds before the subject is conscious of making a decision.


And so therefore we all have no free will. Or something.


But it seems to me that this conclusion does not take into account the effect on decisions of past thoughts. It may be that our conscious pondering brain sets up the dominos, and then our unconscious deciding brain knocks them down.


Also, to say that we have no free will because we do not consciously decide, is to mistake free will as being about freedom, rather than being about responsibility.