eher noch!

新しくバンドに加入した。The Dorian Seaというバンド。今度ライブがあるからこの場を借りて(?)ちょっとだけ告知するね。

I've joined a new band. It's called The Dorian Sea. We've got a show coming up, so let me tell you about it.


The band centers around pianist/guitarist/vocalist Cameron. He's a young artist whose shows till now have been jazz-centric. But the band focuses more on pop, rock and folk material.


The other members are Gen on drums and me on bass. I also sing harmonies, as quietly as possible.


At present we mainly do covers, with only two originals of our own. But we'll write more soon.


Our maiden voyage is on the 27th of this month in Meguro. Details here. Come if you're in the mood.