i’m not your sweet babboo


Pretty soon I'm going to be getting on a plane. I don't often fly, but when I do, I suppose I always at least briefly consider the possibility of a crash. Perhaps this is especially true because that sort of accident has been in the news.


A friend of mine recently said, "Anytime I fly, I think to myself, if the plane crashes, well, so it goes. But for my in-flight meal I always order the vegetarian dinner, to stay healthy."


You don't want to pollute your body by eating trash. But if that same body fell from the sky and went splat, well, who cares. I think I can understand this.


If a plane you're on crashes and you die, there's nothing you can do to stop it.


Which is different from, say, being in a war zone and the enemy launches a surprise attack, and you're too slow drawing your gun, so you get shot. There was something you might have done to stop it, but you didn't manage to.


Which is why I think I get the idea of the vegetarian meal.


You never know when the reaper's going to, as it were, reap you. But as long as you're around, you want to live in harmony with your values and style.


(I myself actually don't bother ordering vegetarian.)