einigkeit macht stark


Once when I was out walking with a friend at night, we happened to pass the Russian embassy. Accordingly, we both did a little cossack dance.


I sometimes go jogging (fighting the battle against my central pudge that I know I'm destined to lose). I always take a different route, choosing my way randomly.


Other times I take walks, usually at night, usually because I've missed a last train.


When I do, I often come across unexpected sights. My particular favorite might be embassies.


This being Tokyo, embassies from every country in the world are located here and there, but they're often to be found in unexpected places, residential neighborhoods, etc.


Recently I've happened upon embassies of Sweden, Iraq, Angola and Algeria.


(I wonder if the Angolan ambassador keeps busy here in Tokyo. I suppose I've just never troubled myself to think about Japan-Angola relations before. Stupid thought, but.)