un poco alterado




Want #2: To Vanish


Beatrix Kondo worked for a commercial bank, researching and valuating securities. Nobody liked her because her colors were too strong.


The colors that reflected or emanated from her person were too raw and vivid, so that they struck the eye with unsettling force, often inducing nausea. She was a crackerjack on the job, but those around her shied away.


But one day she began to fade.


As the fading first began, people found the sight of her easier to bear. They began to speak to her at work even when not necessary. They even began to socialize with her.


As she faded further, she began to attract the interest of men. She even, against all expectations, got a boyfriend. Beatrix Kondo, who'd never in her life been happy, finally got a bit of a taste of joy.


But still she faded. It began to be hard for people to make her out. She'd be in a place for several minutes before anyone noticed her. She became translucent, and her voice became difficult to hear, and when she reached for things she could not pick them up.


"But being hard to see is still so much better than being hard to look at. I'd never been as happy as I was up until recently, when I'd faded to just the right softness. Whatever happens next, I wouldn't have traded that for anything."


And with that Beatrix's body dissolved into a million transparent particles and was scattered in the wind.