vodka is the enemy of production!




Conservative Americans who deny climate change often say they do so because they're skeptical of the science that purports to prove that humans are causing it.


(It's only really Americans who deny it, by the way.)


But I suspect very few of these people are skeptical of chemotherapy, especially when they've got cancer. This is regardless of the fact that all it's based on is perfidious science. Which strikes me as rather inconsistent of them.


We also see little evidence that any of them are skeptical of the science undergirding light bulbs, refrigerators or DVD players.


And when James Blake or somebody uses synthesizers to make an album and wins a Grammy, you don't see Americans insisting that, because they're skeptical of the science behind synthesizers, the album actually must not exist.


So then where is this highly pinpointed skepticism coming from?


Perhaps they're exceptionalists. It can't happen here. "Here" being the Earth.


Perhaps they secretly want the world to end, so Jesus will come back sooner.


Or perhaps they don't like theories of global warming because they don't like the sort of people who believe those theories.


I can imagine myself being as stupid as that, so I wouldn't put it past other people either.