verse upon verse of victory songs (who are we fooling?)



電話に出たら聞き覚えのない女性の声だ。「あの… 彼女さんっています?」

Fevered dream:


You answer the phone and it's a woman's voice, one you don't recognize. "Do you—do you have a girlfriend?"


Of course you don't. "Um."


"So then—would you ever feel like maybe going out with me?"


"Um, who is this?" You can't place the voice. It's a voice that could be any age, but then again you decide it sounds young. Young and cute. Cute and maybe pretty. And alluring.


"I got your number from a friend. You're into hip hop, right?"




"Me too. You like strawberry daifuku, right?"




"Me too. Your favorite movie was 300, right?"




"Me too. You like it a little freaky, right?"


You cough.


"Me too! We're perfect for each other. I know this is out of the blue, but can we meet tonight? Or do you already have plans?"


Of course you don't. "Yeah, that is... out of the blue."


"In 30 minutes in front of Hachiko in Shibuya. Okay?" Her voice is maddeningly cute.


But Hachiko is always mobbed with people. "Um, like, I don't actually know what you look like."


"That's fine. You'll see me right away. I'll be the one with a vacuum cleaner. Okay? See you soon!" She hung up.


30 minutes! You throw on some clean clothes, sprinkle on a bit of the cologne your mother gave you for your birthday last year, and rummage through the drawer for a rubber. You put it in your shirt pocket. No, make that your wallet. No, you decide the shirt is better. Got to go!


You make it to Hachiko and look around at the girls there. There are cute ones, elegant ones, pretty ones, sexy ones. For some reason, Shibuya is wall-to-wall babes today.


However, each and every one of them is dragging, pushing or carrying a vacuum cleaner.


Shit! It must be a new Japanese trend!


How are you ever going to find the girl now? Damn these Japanese trends!


This is around where you wake up.