pseudo-speciation like you've never seen before


Beatrix Kondo. Works for an auditing firm. 32 years old. Unmarried. Half-Japanese. Likes reading and hiking.


There's one rather odd thing about her. Her body seems to have a dampening effect on nearby electricity.


It's entirely involuntary. Far from actively exercising this power, she'd rather be rid of it entirely, if only she could.


Say you're walking through town at night, glancing furtively at the faces of passersby. The street lamps are bright, so that you can't see the stars when you look up. Upon turning a certain corner, you come to a street without many people. The street lamps are bright here too, but up ahead you see a dark patch.


She's there, walking in your direction.


As she approaches each of the street lamps that line the avenue, its light gradually dims, and at just the moment when she passes it, it is entirely extinguished. But after she has passed, it slowly regains strength.


In this way the shroud of black draws ever nearer to you. An unexamined fear possesses you.


But when Beatrix and the darkness she is wrapped in passes you, nothing in particular happens, other than the nearest street lamp dimming and then going out for an instant.


You feel an overpowering urge to glance at her face. But you can't. Instead, you turn your gaze up to the sky.


It's awash with dazzling stars.