delirio dei sensi




I've heard that in belief systems like Tibetan Buddhism, if you don't renounce all attachment, you'll never find relief.


Desires and attachments bind us in suffering, so we have to let them go.


It seems fair to assume that a person seeks to escape suffering out of self-interest.


However, if you really did renounce all desires and attachments, you'd no longer have any self-interest, right?


And with no self-interest, you wouldn't care either way if you suffered or not. It follows that there'd be no need for you to renounce your desires and attachments.


Seeking peace, you attempt to eliminate desire. Finding peace, you find that you desire nothing, not even peace, and there's no reason not to indulge in desire. Doing so, you lose the peace you found and are back at square one.


Seems like a paradox.