sucks yr dipstick, leaves line of lipstick




May I be permitting to piss and moan about something trivial?


Of course I may!


If it ain't trivial, nobody ever pisses about it (or moans).


I've got a bit of an English-language pet peeve. It seems the kids these days have fallen into the habit of saying that this, that, and everything else is... "amazing".


Apparently, the word is properly delivered thus: "a-MAAAAY-zing". Undue stress on "may", undue elongation of vowel.


  • I saw this amazing commerical on TV the other day.
  • The coffee in that cafe is amazing.
  • There was an amazing cat video on YouTube.

Examples of usage:

  • I saw this amazing commercial on TV the other day.
  • The coffee in that cafe is amazing.
  • There was an amazing cat video on YouTube.


I find it less than credible that intelligent people would stop dead in their tracks, jaws lax, eyes boggled, at the sight of a marginally clever TV commercial or footage of a kitty batting yarn.


And yet I realize that very many intelligent, thoughtful, sweet, and dead sexy people use this word in this (to me, unfelicitous) way. And I guess they can't all be wrong. But if I had my druthers, folks would find other, more precise ways of expressing their approbation.


But... having come this far in my thoughts, it's occurred to me that perhaps I'm just jealous.


After all, absolutely nobody's going around calling me "aMAzing".

てことは、どこかのパフェなんか「アメイジング!」というのに、このデール ストロンバーグなら良くとも「まあ悪くない」ってこと?なんだ!

So a mocha mousse pie can be "aMAzing", but Dale Stromberg is, at best, "nice"? Who the fuck (other than myself, which is out of the question) do I blame for this!?