Another fevered dream.


You were walking to the supermarket. The person walking in front of you fell to the ground. You checked her pulse; she wasn't dead. Just sleeping.


Then you noticed that people were collapsing all around you. Falling asleep on their feet.


Cars in the street rolled aimlessly to a halt. Some bumped into the curb.


At the supermarket everyone was asleep. Customers and stockers and cashiers all draped over each other in the aisles. Without any better idea of what to do, you left money by one of the cash registers and carried your groceries home.


Turned on the news at home. The anchor was asleep at his desk. The camera angle was funny, too.


Turned the faucet handle, but no water came out. Then the power died. Walked outside to see what was happening, but from every house and open window came the sound of snoring.


"Oh, for God's sake," you thought (right before waking up). "Am I going to have to run everything from now on?"