"These things sink into my heart, Tom."


I've just sent out show info for this month to the mailing list. For people not on the mailing list, here's the same info again.


I've got two solo shows and one hashigo show this month.

此の度の概要・Summary of contents

1/15 ソロ演奏 in 渋谷
1/19 梯子ノ上デ in 池袋
1/25 ソロ演奏 in 高円寺

1/15 – a solo show in Shibuya
1/19 – a hashigo show in Ikebukuro
1/25 – a solo show in Koenji
And an announcement

1月15日(水)・ Wednesday, January 15th

渋谷 ウエステッドタイム 於

At Wasted Time in Shibuya
A solo show. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Music starts at 7:30. Admission with a reservation is ¥1,500 plus two drink/food orders. (Without a reservation it’s ¥500 more.)
Also playing: Shiromaru Taste, Akari Note.

1月19日(日)・Sunday, January 19th

池袋 鈴ん小屋 於
開場18:00・開演18:30・入場 前売2000円+1ドリンク

At Ringoya in Ikebukuro
A hashigo (acoustic three-piece band) show with degenerate bluesman Mikihito Nakahira also on the bill.
Doors open at 6:00. Music starts at 6:30. Admission is ¥2,000 (plus a drink) with a reservation, which you can make by contacting me or the venue.
Also playing: Mikihito Nakahira, Masakazu Teramoto, Shoji Mori. We play third of four.

1月25日(土)・Saturday, January 25th

高円寺 ウーハ 於
開場18:30・開演19:00・入場 1500円+1ドリンク

At U-ha in Koenji
A solo show. Doors open at 6:30. Music starts at 7. Admission is ¥1,500 (plus a drink).
Also playing: Ryusuke Tanaki, Kapibarras. I play second of three.

そして最後にお知らせ・And an announcement


After my show on January 25, I’ll take a break from solo performances. Thank you to everyone who has supported me this far. I may restart solo shows again at some point. For now, hashigo will continue, so if band performances are your thing, come see us.


So. It'd be great to see you at a show. Bring family, friends, lovers, and hangers-on. And if you happen to know anybody who might be interested in this kind of music, I crave an introduction.


That's it for show announcements. Now, some songs that have caught my fancy.