my aspidoceleon


There was once a fine china shop in the square of a modest-sized town. The proprietor was an eccentric man—he kept a pet bull, right there in his shop. In fact, it was never allowed outside.


The bull was unlike most other bulls, placcid and tractable most of the time, though it did burst into wildness on occasion. But no matter how meek or how wild it was, one thing was constant: with every turn of its body, it knocked over and smashed a piece of china. The bull was a dim-witted creature, but it soon came to sense that something about its life—where it was, or what it was—wasn't quite right.


I played a show last night at Café U-ha in Koenji. It was my first show there; the venue is relaxed, and the owner obviously loves music. Much thanks to the venue, the other musicians, and everybody who came to listen.


  1. 逃げ窓
  2. 不正データ(YouTube
  3. 液体
  4. 象徴的
  5. 別の人になる(SoundCloud
  6. 爪痕
  7. うろこ
  8. 衰亡

I played first. My set list:

  1. nigemado
  2. fusei data (YouTube)
  3. ekitai
  4. shochoteki
  5. betsu no hito ni naru (SoundCloud)
  6. tsumèato
  7. uroko
  8. suibo


After me played a youngster called Koichi Takada. A male singer-songwriter on acoustic guitar and occasional sleighbells, doing sensitive J-pop. His website.


And finally, another singer-songwriter called Genki Omori. A high, wavery voice reminiscent of Elliott Smith. Acoustic folk with occasional harmonica. His website.


I've got one more show this year, a hashigo show in Shibuya on Friday the 13th. Details are on the hashigo site.


So. Here are some songs. Have a listen.