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Here's some December show info, for those of you who aren't on my monthly mailing list (which you can sign up for here).



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12/8 ソロ演奏 in 高円寺
12/13 梯子ノ上デ in 渋谷

Summary of contents:

12/8 – a solo show in Koenji
12/13 – a hashigo show in Shibuya

☛ 12月8日(日)

高円寺 カフェ ウーハ 於

☛ Sunday, December 8th

At Café U-hA in Koenji
A solo show. This will be my first excursion to this venue, but lots of people I know have been playing there recently. Anybody in the Koenji area with time on your hands, come and have a listen.
Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Music starts at 7. Admission is ¥1,500 plus a drink.
Also playing: Koichi Takada, Genki Omori. I play first of three.
They've given me a longer set than normal, so I'll sing till you're sick of me, if you can get sick of me inside 45 minutes.

☛ 12月13日(金)

渋谷 ウエステッド タイム 於
てんやわんやのセンター街の真っただ中に在るひっそりとしたお店で、梯子ノ上デ(3人編成のアコースティック バンド)は演奏します。
開場18:30・開演19:00・入場 前売1500円+2ドリンク

☛ Friday, December 13th

At Wasted Time in Shibuya
A hashigo (acoustic three-piece band) show at a rather un-Shibuya-like venue smack in the racing heart of Center-gai.
Doors open at 6:30. Music starts at 7. Admission is ¥1,500 (plus 2 drinks) with a reservation, which you can make by contacting me or the venue.
Also playing: Maku no Uchi Bandu, Taiki Hayakata, Shion Hasé. We play fourth of four.



In conclusion:

So. It'd be great to see you at a show. Bring family, friends, lovers—but not pets. And if you happen to know anybody who might be interested in this kind of music, I crave an introduction.