die alte Tour


Winter draweth on. The old seasonal melancholy is set to start snowing down. I was telling a friend the other day, "When you get old, you just want what you're used to." I think I'm used to this sinking sensation of wintertime.


Played another solo show tonight. This time it was at Fourth Floor in Kichijoji. The walls are deep red and it's so smoky, you half expect a mustachioed devil or two to pop out, with pitchforks.


First to play: Ryota Fujiwara. A poppy sort of folk. A male singer on acoustic guitar and harmonica. His site.


Second: Manami Yamamoto. The last time we played the same bill, she lent me a Hiromi Kawakami novel, so this time I brought her a Kaho Nashiki novel. Manami played acoustic this time. Unadorned songwriting, childlike vocals, lyrics ranging into dark subject matter.


Third: Gurupari. An eccentric quavery running style of unpredictable music, maybe folk. A talk after the show revealed that he's actually homeless...


  1. 空席者
  2. 立ち眩み
  3. 爪痕
  4. 白夜予告
  5. oxytocin song
  6. desaturation song

I was last. Set list:

  1. kusekisha
  2. tachikurami
  3. tsuméato
  4. byakuya yokoku
  5. oxytocin song
  6. desaturation song


My next solo show is at Café U-hA in Koenji on December 8. Then there's a hashigo show the week after. I'm greatly looking forward to both.


So. As usual, I'll end with a few songs (which have nothing to do with me, but for the fact that I like them).