‪ich will mich selbst begraben‬






a proposal to anybody who's thinking of buying the new hashigo album "march of the yagamo".


(i realize most of you are in no way thinking of buying it.)


if you happen to get it on Amazon.co.jp, how about buying it through the website of a charity called AEFA?

AEFAとはAsian Education and Friendship Association(アジア教育友好協会)。東南アジアで学校を立てたり、そこの生徒さん達と日本の小学生たちとかの文通交流などを支援する団体。



AEFA (Asian Education and Friendship Association) builds schools in Southeast Asia and conducts pen-pal programs between the kids there and students in Japan.


i've helped them out in the past with translation and have found them to be a serious, committed charity.


if you're thinking of shopping at Amazon (even if it's not to buy our lovely new CD), if you go Amazon via the AEFA site, AEFA gets a 3% commission from your order. the amount you pay won't change. this commission will go toward furthering AEFA's humanitarian efforts.


  1. AEFAのサイトへ行く(http://www.nippon-aefa.org/
  2. HPの下方にAmazonのロゴがある。それをクリック。
  3. Amazonに飛ぶ。そのままいつものように商品を購入する。
  4. 商品代金の3%はAEFAに入る。

how it works:

  1. go to the AEFA site (http://www.nippon-aefa.org/)
  2. halfway down the page is an Amazon logo. click it.
  3. you'll go to Amazon's site. shop as usual. (to buy our album, search using its japanese title: 矢鴨行進曲)
  4. 3% of what you pay will go to AEFA.


note: the amazon link is only on AEFA's Japanese-language page, but if you want to learn more about the organziation, their English-language page is here: http://www.nippon-aefa.org/english/


to get you in a buying mood for new music, here are some songs.