full wo in herte and mynde


had a good time last night at an event at moon stomp in koenji, commemorating mexican independence day. the organizer asked me to cover at least one mexican song, so i ended up putting together a set list entirely of covers, which is rare for me. had fun. viva mexico.


  1. The Irish Rover(アイリッシュ・フォーク)
  2. Angelitos Negros(メキシコの歌謡曲みたい)
  3. 太陽の子(Bluehour)
  4. かもめ(浅川マキ)
  5. Whiskey in the Jar(アイリッシュ・フォーク・日詞:岩島のぞみ)
  6. 子守唄(英語圏の唄とアイスランドの唄の合併)


the set list:

  1. the irish rover (Irish traditional)
  2. angelitos negros (a Mexican oldie)
  3. taiyo no ko (Bluehour)
  4. kamome (Maki Asakawa)
  5. whiskey in the jar (with japanese lyrics by nozomi iwashima)
  6. lullaby (an english and an icelandic lullaby mashed up)

after that, i was forced (entirely against my will) to do a song of my own, so i did "fuguai", which is on the new hashigo CD.

その次に演奏したのはMilky Circleという英人・米人のヘンテコリン二人組。一人がギターを弾き歌を歌い、もう一人は鍵盤ハーモニカやベースギターやコーラスやドラムスティック(ドラム無し)で花を咲かす役目。何回かムーンストンプのライブで彼らにお世話になってる。

after me came milky circle, a british-american pair of weirdos. one sings and plays guitar, the other decorates the air with melodica, bass guitar, chorus vocals, drum sticks (no drums), etc. i've played with them at moon stomp a handful of times.


after that two guys from a band called jimmy binks played. they're normally a sextet, but this time just the two guitar-vocalists played. delicate, lighthearted bluegrass- and folk-influenced acoustic music with smart lyrics. their site is here.


and then samurai gunslinger y la galactica celeste closed the show with a bang. a singer-songwriter on acoustic guitar who sings in spanish and english, mexican music played with gusto. he had some support musicians (accordion, violin, bass, melodica) this time too.


so. i haven't got any more solo shows booked for now, but on september 27 (friday) i'll do a few songs and chat a little chat in a Ustream broadcast on the Small Finger Records channel, starting 11 p.m., to commemorate the release of the new hashigo album (in stores the next day).


all right. here are a few pieces of music i've been into these days.