das ewig weibliche






que onda. i played a solo show tonight at wasted time in shibuya.


thanks to everyone who was there to listen. also to the other performers and venue.


wasted time is always nice to me, despite my not bringing in much custom. sorry, guys.

where are you now


the first performer tonight was tadanori kanno. male singer-songwriter, old-school folk with straightforward lyrics. his site is here.


  1. 衰亡
  2. 不意討ち休日
  3. 物欲
  4. 別の人になる
  5. 空席者
  6. うろこ

then i played. my setlist:

  1. suibo
  2. fuiuchi kyujitsu
  3. butsuyoku
  4. betsu no hito ni naru
  5. kusekisha
  6. uroko

最後にはHippie Happy Hatさんが演奏した。4人編成の、男性ボーカルのポップロック。彼らのサイト

and finally, hippie happy hat. a pop-rock 4-piece with male vocals. their site is here.


my next show is actually tomorrow. worked all day today, then played a show. will work all day tomorrow, then play a show. what a hard life. your sympathy, please. details on the show are here.


finally, a few videos that have caught my attention. if you've got a minute, have a look.