a hospital of incurables




played a solo set tonight at ongaku no jikan in mitaka. the show was an event by ii called "tokai no mori". it was an honor to be invited and a fun show to play.


thanks to ii, to o.n.j., and to everybody who was there to listen.

church for dormice


the show opened with ii, natsumi hirasawa (her usual collaborator), and marie fukusawa doing a loop-based ambient vocal+piano piece rich in harmony. ms. fukusawa has a beautiful voice.


then marie fukusawa played a solo set. a full-voiced female singer-songwriter on piano. her site.


  1. 逃げ窓
  2. 煙の湾
  3. 液体
  4. 不意討ち休日
  5. oxytocin song
  6. ベルリンの壁

then me. set list:

  1. nigemado
  2. kemuri no wan
  3. ekitai
  4. fuiuchi kyujitsu
  5. oxytocin song
  6. berurin no kabe

その次はなべ虹魚さん。男子アコギ弾き語り。とてもルーズなギターに摩訶不思議なトーキング ボーカル。彼のサイトはこちら

after me, nijio nabe. male singer-songwriter on acoustic guitar. very loose guitar playing, distinctive rambling vocal. his site.

4番目はThe American Troutsさん。男子アコギ弾き語り。途中鍵盤の方も入って、最後の一曲はiiさんと平沢さんも歌って、ユア・ラスト・チキンのまきとさんがミニ・カホンを叩いた。まきとさんが現れるとは思わなかったから話せて嬉しかった。彼らのサイト

fourth up was The American Trouts. a male singer-songwriter on acoustic guitar at first, joined midway by a keyboardist, and on the final song by ii and hirasawa on vocals and makito from your last chicken on cajonita. it was a nice surprise seeing makito there. site here.


finally, ii and hirasawa. an incomparable pair. elegant piano and dual vocals, with beautiful harmonies and interweaving counter-melodies. according to makito, he's been helping them record an album, due to drop any time. can't wait. ii's site.


so. there's a hashigo-curated show tomorrow afternoon. come already. details here. promo video below.


finally, a couple of videos i like.