diazepam, thorazine and haloperidol, oh my




played a solo show tonight at fourth floor in kichijoji.


drank before playing, for the first time in ages. it was quite liberating. sorry to everybody who had to listen to me.

your teenage minx of a girlfriend


da-nishi (berlin penguin records) and takahiro fujiwara (theater neisan) also played. both are in bands, but both played solo shows tonight.


  1. 逃げ窓
  2. 二の舞
  3. frantic
  4. 縄張り
  5. かもめ(カバー曲)
  6. oxytocin song

my set list:

  1. nigemado
  2. ni no mai
  3. frantic
  4. nawabari
  5. kamomé (a cover song)
  6. oxytocin song

an seni sit uxor ducenda


then after the show, i schlepped my stuff over to a kichijoji studio and recorded some more material for the bluehour project. the one that may never be completed because i've been taking forever. kawai from bluehour must be rueing the day. sorry.



there are a number of recommended shows coming up. videlicet:

  • 5/19 hashigo is playing at wasted time (shibuya).
  • 5/30 hashigo is playing in an event at ongaku no jikan (mitaka) with touring artists from kochi.
  • 6/2 hashigo has a courtyard show in nikotama.
  • 6/4 cubic star has a show at three (shimokitazawa). our first show at three in our current lineup.
  • 6/7 hashigo at ringoya (ikebukuro).
  • 6/16 a hashigo event at colored jam (shimokitazawa).

no solo shows for a while...


so. here are some songs that i'm into these days.