die Waffen nieder




i'm taking a short trip to fukushima.


there's a town there called minami-soma, half of which is within the government's 20-kilometer no-man's-land. the people who used to live in that half of the town now live in temporary shelters.

lay down your arms

今度そこで三日間にわたって行われるボランティアに、cubic star minimal orchestraは参加するようになった。住民との交流イベントに出て、炊き出しなどもして、最後にライブもする。

cubic star minimal orchestra has been invited to participate in a 3-day volunteer operation. we're going to meet the people there, help serve food and so forth, and play a free concert.


in addition, since the membership of cubic also includes both hashigo and a chindon-ya unit, we're also playing in those smaller configurations.


we'd decided to participate a while back, but to be honest at the last moment i almost cancelled. some of you may already know this, but my wife suddenly took ill and was hospitalized. it wasn't likely she would be discharged before the trip, so i was on the verge of not going.


but she herself insisted that i go. her condition is stable now and steadily improving, and we have every reason to expect she'll be fine. even so, if this had been a regular tour, i would have backed out.


but it's volunteer work, it's for a cause, and if i cancel now then the entire cubic/hashigo trip would be cancelled. i was still extremely trepidatious about going, but in the end my wife insisted. so, i'm going.


i hope this is the right thing to do. hope we can be of some sort of help to people.






here are a few songs i've been into recently.