good evening, my drunken lovelies.


one of my favorite japanese musicians is a singer-songwriter called Bluehour. i met him when we played the same show. the first time i heard him i didn't quite like it, but from the second listen i was a fan.

ばめんかんもく・selective mutism


recently i've been participating in some recording with him. i'm too picky about music to be of much use as a recording engineer or arranger, so this sort of project is extraordinarily rare for me. but on this occasion it's absolutely worth doing. i really would love for lots more people to hear his music, so i've got to do my best not to screw this project up.


even so, damn, do i work slow. i feel sorry for him, always having to wait for me to get around to things.


in particular what i'm doing is, collaborating with him on arrangements, and then handling recording, plus adding any instruments i can play myself (bass, piano, glockenspiel, perhaps drums)... in other words, sort of a handyman role. in the end a violinist he often plays with is also set to contribute.


i did a little work on it tonight, which prompted me to write this update. i'm really looking forward to seeing how it turns out. i can unreservedly recommend his music (moreso perhaps than my own stuff), so when this CD comes out, buy it, everybody. yes, everybody.


so. not at all related to the above, but here are a couple of songs that have caught my attention recently.

hard to believe this came from japan...

goodbye, goodbye...

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