i've heard people say, "when i die, i want to be able to say i lived how i wanted and i have no regrets." i find this idea baffling. "no regrets"—that seems impossible. i myself have nothing but regrets. they're what i'm made of.

(rainy + mon)days


what's this got to do with the show last night? it wasn't a regrettable show or anything. i had fun. but made a lot of mistakes. ah. there it is now: regret.

milky circleというバンドが企画したイベント。英国、米国、メキシコなどからの出演者のある、国際的なイブニングだった。外人のお客もたくさんいて、衆愚に阿るために僕が珍しくできるだけ英語で歌おうとして、なけなしの英語の曲をほぼ尽くした。

it was an event put on by a band called milky circle. it was an international sort of soiree, with performers representing the U.K., the U.S., and Mexico. and there were lots of gaijin in the crowd, so i decided to pander to the masses and sing in english. i only have a few songs in english anyway, so i used up about all of them.

evrythng mns nthing to me


in japan, i'm weird because i'm a foreigner. it's a role i'm used to now. when i'm around other westerners, or especially when i sing in front of some, i'm keenly reminded of how i was always weird back home too. i've always been a foreigner, sort of.


at least in japan my "role" as a foreigner sort of explains this distance between me and everyone else. that's better, in a way.

うん、つまらない話だね。共演者はSamurai GunslingerとJimmy BinksMilky Circleだった。僕の曲目:

  1. 悲しみは知識である
  2. メリケンサック
  3. owls in daylight
  4. aerofoil song
  5. 不正データ(YouTube
  6. mass extinction song

yeah, what a weary topic. i'll knock it off. so, the other performers were Samurai Gunslinger, Jimmy Binks, and Milky Circle. my set list:

  1. kanashimi ha chishiki de aru
  2. meriken sakku
  3. owls in daylight
  4. aerofoil song
  5. fusei data (YouTube)
  6. mass extinction song

次のライブ:4月11日(木)に渋谷のWasted Timeにて。そして梯子ノ上デは5月30日(木)に三鷹おんがくのじかんにて。そしてcubic star minimal orchestraは6月4日(火)に下北沢Threeにて。遠いな。暇だな。

upcoming shows: solo at wasted time in shibuya on april 11. hashigo plays at ongaku no jikan in mitaka on may 30. cubic star minimal orchestra plays at three in shimokitazawa on june 4.

your lower intestine


and finally, some songs i've got into recently. give them a try.

幽客 from Lo-shi on Vimeo.