dressed for the hemoclysm




played a cubic star show today. of all the shows we've played so far, i think this one went the best.


thanks to everybody who came to listen. it's great to play in front of a sizable audience. the shame of every mistake i make on guitar is amplified by the number of ears to hear it.

you just move the hands upon the clock





cubic star is going to keep evolving, so if you can make it to a show some time, check us out.


the other bands on the bill tonight were great, too. before us, koichi ogawa played. makes skillful use of guitar and loops, etc., to create a world all his own. and apparently he freestyles most of his lyrics. to a linguistic idiot like me, that's impressive.


  1. requiem for butterflies: 新曲。ここ何ヶ月の猛練習の結果が見えたかな。
  2. circle breaks down: 一番ロックなやつ。途中のギターノイズを出す時、罪悪感を覚えながらゴリゴリ出してる。
  3. across the rubicon: キュービックの代表的な曲の一つ。Jonsíなども思い出す。
  4. xi: ギターのリフが弾きにくくて個人的に一番苦労している曲(苦笑)陽気な感じ。

then us. set list:

  1. requiem for butterflies: our newest song. after months of crazy practice.
  2. circle breaks down: there's a crazy guitar noise bit that hurts me more than it hurts you.
  3. across the rubicon: reminds me of jonsí in parts.
  4. xi: with a guitar part that's murderously hard (for me).



after us, a band called networks played. an instrumental trio (keyboard, guitar, drums) that looks like they're having serious fun playing intricate riffs and rhythms. very post-rock. they've got a lot of skill but they don't flaunt it, so the music sounds good, easy to get into and pleasantly surprising.




the next cubic show isn't set in stone yet, but there's a good chance we'll plan a big-ish event in july, probably with shows in may and june leading up to it. details TBA.


on the 16th, hashigo has a show, too. if you can make it, please do. and before that, i've got a solo show on the 11th.

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