sound for sound

昨日は渋谷wasted timeで単独演奏をしてきた。聴いていた方々、お店、共演者に多謝。



played a solo show at wasted time in shibuya yesterday. thanks to everyone who was there to listen, to the venue, and to the other musicians.


this marked the first time i'd ever done a set list composed entirely of songs from my album "kokyu zanmai", though it came out about 4 years ago.

something burnt



Rasa played first. he's a solo SSW on electric guitar, favoring classic rock covers and originals. his site is here.

little lake


  1. 無我夢中
  2. 不具合
  3. 呼吸三昧
  4. ベルリンの壁
  5. 0+0–0
  6. 着物と墓穴
  7. 余韻(YouTubeにて試聴

next, me. set list:

  1. mugamuchu
  2. fuguai
  3. kokyu zanmai
  4. berurin no kabe
  5. 0+0–0
  6. kimono to boketsu
  7. yoin (listen on YouTube)


finally, suisho tanaka. male guitar/vocals, bass, on some songs harmonica. played blues, roots music, appeared to be having fun. his site is here.


there's a hashigo show coming up soon, isn't there. it's on sunday, isn't it. we're playing with a longtime friend, mikihiro nakahiro, and hashigo will play a nice long set. look for jams to be kicked out. details are on the hashigo site.