qu'irrités contre l'heure


kemuri no wan played a show at three in shimokitazawa. thanks to everyone who was there to listen, and to the other artists and venue.

dregs (symbol of you name it)


this time we tried something new. the entire set was improvised, more or less, mashing in bits of fixed songs, folk songs, on-the-spot noises, etc. kemuri might not keep doing this sort of thing at future shows, but i think we're going to head in the direction of greater spontaneity, looser structure.

最後だけ一曲の既存の曲をそのまま演奏した。「mass extinction song」というやつ。

but we ended the set with one proper song, "mass extinction song".

僕らは最初だった。その次はPasadenaさんとそのサポートバンドPoundhip Upsettersさん。アコースティックな三重奏:ギター二人、打楽器一人。アダルト コンテンポラリーな感じの器楽曲。ソロの上手なお二人。アコースティックでのボコーダーは印象的。

we played first. second was a singer-songwriter called pasadena and his backing band, the poundhip upsetters. an acoustic trio, two guitars and percussion. instrumentals in an adult contemporary vein. skillful solos. the acoustic vocoder got my attention.


third was kazuya zenzai & okina kujira. energetic, positive-sounding music with a sort of tribal, east asian flavor. male/female vocals, drums, bass, percussion, keys, electronics.

最後は煙湾でドラムを担当する功さんがkazuya matsumotoさんと二人で演奏した。功さんはドラムで、matsumotoさんは紙ヤスリ、ゼンマイ仕掛けのおもちゃ、金属の器や銅鑼、テープディレイなどを操り、色んな小物を叩いていた。抽象的なサウンド コラージュ。僕は好きだった。

last, isao played in a duo with kazuya matsumoto. isao was on drums, kazuya on sandpaper, wind-up toys, metal bowls and gongs, tape delays, and various percussive objects. an abstract sound collage. i liked it.


kemuri hasn't booked our next show yet, but my solo next show is on monday, january 28 at wasted time in shibuya. details are here.