in illo miserrimo tempore




my video deletions continue.


last time we bid farewell to "nigemado" and "fusei data" (fjbn), "inshu sanpo" (hashigo), and "berurin no kabe" (solo). good riddance.

a metal clip


  • 泥流の一時期代表的な曲だった「不具合」の、迷路をテーマにした、ちゃっちいPV。
  • 不自分の「くらくら」という曲の支離滅裂なPV。
  • 梯子ノ上デの「浮遊」という曲のライブ版。
  • おまけに、元々おまけであった不自分のトークの動画

here's what we're deleting this time:

  • a maze-themed el cheapo video for a song called "fuguai", which for a while was my solo calling card.
  • a somewhat bizarre video for a fjbn song called "kura kura".
  • the hashigo song "fuyuu" done live.
  • as a bonus, a bit of fjbn silliness.


they'll vanish around the end of this year or beginning of next. if you're in the mood, have a look at them before then.