á sjálf sig þau trûðu

今年の最後の演奏を、渋谷のWasted Timeでやってきた。いつもお店にお世話になっており、ありがたい。現在定期的に出ているお店の中、一番長く僕を耐えてくれているのはそのWTさん。



played my last show of the year tonight, at wasted time in shibuya. thanks as ever to the venue for tolerating me. of all the places i play regularly, WT has been having me the longest.


the year went fast.

á sjálf sig þau trûðu


a last-minute cancellation reduced the four scheduled acts to three. first up was Sepiansu. a guy on guitar, a girl singing. an easygoing jazzy sound. mixed original and covers, including christmas songs. the vocalist's site is here.


  1. 逃げ窓(YouTubeにて不自分版
  2. 諸行無常(SoundCloudにて試聴
  3. 飲酒散歩(YouTubeにて梯子ノ上デ版
  4. 子守唄
  5. メリケンサック
  6. 衰亡


then me. set list:

  1. nigemado (fjbn version)
  2. shogyomujo (listen on SoundCloud)
  3. inshu sanpo (hashigo verison)
  4. komori uta
  5. meriken sakku
  6. suibo

tried a new song (meriken sakku*) and a cover (komori uta).


* apparently the japanese word for "brass knuckles" is "meriken sakku", a garbling of "american sack".


last came yukari oguma. a pleasant female singer-songwriter on piano with well-developed songwriting. had several songs with a christmas theme. her site is here.


see you next year.