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glad to report that the video deletion project is proceeding swimmingly.


deleted last time: "yoin (live)" by hashigo, "suijaku de rijin (live)" by fjbn, and my solo "tatoeba do?".


did you see them before they were gone?


  • 梯子ノ上デの「飲酒散歩」のライブ版。この映像はちょっと珍しいもの。当曲の作曲者・dodoの片割れ、不知火庵くんが梯子と一緒に演奏したものだよ。なかなか観れないよ、こんなコラボレーション。
  • 泥流という表記で創ったソロアルバム「呼吸三昧」から「ベルリンの壁」という曲のPV。本当になんてことないPV。YouTubeに初めて何かを載せようと思ったら試しにこの曲を一枚だけの写真に合わせてアップしてみた。
  • 不自分の「the antiself」という処女作のアルバムから「逃げ窓」という曲のPV。その映像は「スクリーンセーバーみたいだね」とメンバーにつまらなさそうに言われたことある。
  • おまけに、不自分の「不正データ」のライブ版。

this time we have four candidates for deletion.

  • a live version of hashigo's "inshu sanpo". this is a rare one. the co-writer of the song, iori shiranui (of dodo), joined us live to do the song. a rare collaboration.
  • from my 2009 solo album, the song "berurin no kabe". when i still didn't know how to use YouTube, i put this song to a one-photo "slideshow" and uploaded it, just to see.
  • from the debut fjbn album "the antiself", a video for a song called "nigemado". the visuals look like a screen saver, according to one fjbn member who found it incommensurably boring.
  • as a bonus deletion, fjbn doing "fusei data" live.


i wonder if all of you are enjoying these deletions as much as i am. when things irreversibly disappear from the world, doesn't it feel refreshing?


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