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these days i've been engrossed in trying to record a new solo album, but obviously i need to come up for air. during the show tonight at fourth floor, in the middle of a song, i realized that i was actually thinking about how i was going to record a different song. i had to scold myself: hey, pay attention, you're in the middle of a show.


  1. 逃げ窓(不自分バージョンを試聴
  2. 諸行無常
  3. 縄張り
  4. 0+0-0
  5. 衰亡
  6. mass extinction song
  7. 不正データ(梯子ノ上デ版を試聴
  8. 砂読み(梯子ノ上デ版を試聴

the set list tonight:

  1. nigemado (fjbn version on YouTube)
  2. shogyo mujo
  3. nawabari
  4. 0+0-0
  5. suibo
  6. mass extinction song
  7. fusei data (hashigo version on YouTube)
  8. sunayomi (hashigo version on YouTube)


  • 山本眞奈美さん:女子エレキ弾き語り。Violet Mothでも思い出すような、哀調を帯びた素朴な歌を歌うお若い方。
  • 墓場戯太郎さん:男子アコギ弾き語り。ボーカルに様々な効果音をかける方。バンドもやっていらっしゃるそう。彼のサイトはこちら

the other performers:

  • manami yamamoto: female singer-songwriter on electric guitar. a young kid, singing simple songs with a whiff of melancholy, a bit reminiscent of Violet Moth.
  • gitaro hakaba: male singer-songwriter on acoustic guitar, with lots of effects on his vocal mic. also plays in a band, apparently. his site is here.


my next solo show is on december 17, and this'll be my last show of the year. before that, hashigo is playing a show on the 7th. as of now i haven't got any shows scheduled for january, so i may end up taking a short break from performing. who knows?

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