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  • 「遠距離の口実」ビデオ削除済み
  • その次に削除される三本のビデオ
  • キュービックのライブレポート
at loft in shinjuku

hej. three things to talk about:

  1. video for "enkyori no kojitsu" deleted
  2. 3 more videos on the scaffold
  3. cubic star show report

その一:YouTubeに挙げていた「遠距離の口実」という不自分の曲の動画を削除した。グッバイ、遠距離の口実 & お疲れ様でした。

first: the video that was on YouTube for the fjbn song (more of an interlude than a song) called "enkyori no kojitsu" is there no longer. sayonara, video.


  • 「着物と墓穴」という、僕のソロアルバム「呼吸三昧」よりの一曲。その自家制作のPVは、視聴者のお声によると、非常に腹立たしいそうだ。YouTubeのリンクはこちら
  • 「朝飯前」という、不自分の「the antiself」からの一曲。YouTubeのリンクはこちら
  • 「物欲」という曲の、4人編成の時代の梯子ノ上デのライブ映像。そのYouTubeはこちら


second: next in our video deletion series, not one but three videos.

  • "kimono to boketsu" — from my solo album "kokyu zanmai", featuring a homemade video that has been described by viewers as "infuriating". it's here on YouTube.
  • "asa meshi mae" — from the fjbn album "the antiself". the YouTube link is here.
  • "butsuyoku" — hashigo doing the song live, back when we were a 4-piece. it's here on YouTube.

anybody who's interested, follow the links above for one last look at these videos before they bite the digital dust. they've got about a week left.






third: cubic star minimal orchestra played our first major show the other day, at a place called loft in shinjuku. it was the first time i'd been to that venue, although apparently it's got something of a reputation in tokyo.


the show wasn't bad. it was a big affair with two stages, bands and DJs, lots of people. our set had a few glitches. as for my own playing, stuff that usually comes together well in rehearsal didn't go so well live. i think we need to grow a bit more before we'll be ready to try another show of this size again. but the more seasoned members carried it well. our tapdancer even got an ovation.


no plans now for future shows. but our bandmaster has big ambitions, so there might be more news before long.




there's a hashigo show tomorrow! no, today! info here.


that's all.