deindividuation and you


two kids

i am going to delete some videos from YouTube. i've had them up for a while, and they're old now.


if you'd like to watch them before they're gone, feel free.

先ずは不自分の「the antiself」というアルバムからの何曲かのPVを片付けようと考えている。まだメンバーが僕とタカスギケイだけたった頃のアルバム。

i plan to get rid of some of the videos for songs from "the antiself", which was a fjbn album from the time when fjbn was just me and kei takasugi.


first to go is probably the least consequential of the "antiself" tracks, a short instrumental called "enkyori no kojitsu". i'll delete it in about a week.


here it is.

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