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When I play shows at Wasted Time in Shibuya, between sound check and the show I usually eat at the Indian curry place across the road. A little tradition.


While I'm looking at the menu outside, without fail one of the guys will come out and start a sales pitch to convince me to come in. Usually in rapid-fire English.


I generally can't understand a single word, and anyway I've already set my mind on eating there, so it's all totally unnecessary. But for some reason, endearing. It makes me miss India (where I've never lived).


The first musician tonight was Isao Nishizato. Was our second show together. Singer-songwriting with emphasis on the lyrics, reminiscent of old-school folk. His site is here.


After that was Rasa. Singer-songwriter on distorted electric guitar. Covers of CCR and Neil Young, and originals. His site is here.

三番目はToshiyuki Sekiさん。R&Bを嗜みそうな男子アコギ弾き語り。歌詞はほぼ英語。大概はカバー曲だけれど本人ふうにアレンジする。優しく歌う若手。彼のサイトはこちら

Third was Toshiyuki Seki. A set composed almost entirely of covers, heavy on R&B, mostly in English, sung in an understated style. His site is here.


  1. 0+0-0
  2. 不正データ(YouTubeで梯子バージョンの試聴
  3. 縄張り
  4. 諸行無常
  5. 不合格(YouTubeで不自分バージョンの試聴
  6. mass extinction song

My set list:

  1. 0+0-0
  2. fusei data (hashigo version on YouTube)
  3. nawabari
  4. shogyo mujo
  5. fugokaku (fjbn version on YouTube)
  6. mass extinction song


The big Cubic Star Minimal Orchestra show coming up on the 29th should be worth coming out for. If you're interested, the details are here.


And then hashigo has a show on Dec. 1st that I'm looking forward to. A musician from Italy will be here on tour, and we'll open for him. The venue has a nice atmosphere, and I'm quite interested in the other artists on the bill. Details here.

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