吉祥寺のfourth floorにて単独演奏をしてきた。お店とその場にいた方々に多謝。



  1. 0+0-0
  2. 白夜予告
  3. aerofoil song
  4. 事変の概説
  5. laudanum song
  6. mass extinction song
a dotted i

played a solo show today at fourth floor in kichijoji. thanks to the venue and everybody who was there.


set list:

  1. 0+0-0
  2. byakuya yokoku
  3. aerofoil song
  4. jihen no gaisetsu
  5. laudanum song
  6. mass extinction song


  • 最初は吹谷徳昭さん。通っている精神科のお姉さんに惚れたなどという歌詞の、ユーモアの利いた男子アコギ弾き語り。
  • その次は「exp.」さん。DJ的な演奏。ビートの上にサンプルや効果音を載せたりする。
  • 三番目はういちさん。fourth floorでよくご一緒しているアイリッシュブズーキ奏者の弾き語り。

the other artists

  • first, akinori fukitani. humorous male singer-songwriter. lyrics about crushing on his psychiatrist's receptionist, etc.
  • then, a DJ called exp. layering samples and effects over beats.
  • after that, uichi. we play together often at fourth floor. a singer-songwriter on the irish bouzouki.








i live close enough to kichijoji to walk home when the mood strikes. i put "takk..." on the earphones and went home through the park. where you come out from under the old-fashioned little brick-and-stone arched bridge at inokashira park station, and the footpath runs along against the kanda river, the way opens out with gravel on one side, a slope on the other running up to fences, yards, houses. and when i went through there, ahead of me the lamps were all in a row on the left of the path, and the old trees were arrayed on the right, forming a long corridor up toward the road. a light mist put the whole scene a bit out of focus. i thought it was beautiful. i considered stopping to look, but decided i could keep walking and still look my fill.

新しい月が5分前に始まった。ライブ日程は今のことろ4本。次は11日の梯子ノ上デ。そして29日のcubic starのライブも特筆すべき。詳しくはこちらへ

a new month just started five minutes ago. this month i've currently got four shows scheduled. the next is a hashigo show on the 11th. also worth mentioning is the big cubic star show on the 29th. details here.

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